Crown and Anchor


Crown and Anchor Review

The title of this game sounds like a public house but it’s actually a great little dice game that has been played by people all over the world.

If you love playing classic games that have been around for ages, then this is definitely right up your street. It dates back to the 18th century so if it’s lasted this long it must surely be worth your time giving it a go. The fact this 21st version of the dice game comes from Microgaming is a big plus of course. They’ve been creating some great games over the past couple of decades and that puts this game in very good hands indeed.

So what’s it all about then? Well whereas some games we review on this site are really complex, ‘Crown and Anchor’ is relatively straightforward to play. There are three dice that are used in this game and a total of six symbols namely the crown, the anchor and then the four suits from a pack of playing cards – the heart, clubs,spades and diamonds.

These symbols appear on a felt board on the left hand side of the screen. Why are there six different symbols? Well they reflect the six symbols that are on each of the dice that are used in the game. Your task is to select one or more of the symbols on which to place your bet and if the three dice produces symbols that match the choice you’ve just made then you’re a winner. There are different prizes for being able to match one, two or three of the symbols with each throw.

Say you go for a club and a diamond and stake £10 on the game. The dice then get thrown and up come two clubs and a diamond. Now that matches two of the symbols that you’ve just placed a bet on and this pays 2:1 so you’ve staked £10, win £20 so now you have £30. If the dice had come up crown, anchor, club then you’ve only matched one of the symbols and you get paid at 1:1 so your £10 stake wins £10 giving you £20. If you’re really lucky and have gone for two clubs and a diamond then you’ve matched all three of the symbols and get paid at 3:1 giving you £40.

Playing the game can cost between £0.25 and £500. Now that’s a pretty big range and the best idea is simply to gamble what you can afford to lose. Perhaps start gambling low and then adjust your bet to match how you’re getting on.

The control buttons are down the bottom of the screen and easy to use. There is an autoplay feature available and this can be set all the way up to 500 automated spins. Alternatively you can set it so it stops at a certain win.

Bonus Game

There’s no bonus game in Crown and Anchor.


This is a fairly easy game to play and it can be quite fun too. It’s all down to luck of course but if you have some time on your hands then there are certainly worse things you could be doing.