Casino Bonus

A Guide to Casino Bonuses

There are a wide range of tempting and big money casino bonuses available, with almost every online casino website offering bonuses of different sizes and types. The range of bonuses are designed to suit different types of casino player and below is a closer look at the different, regular types of online casino bonus.

Match Bonuses

These are the most common form of bonus out there and nine out of ten casinos will offer some type of match bonus. They’re basically popular because they allow casinos to alleviate the risk that comes with giving away free cash. Match bonuses require players to make a deposit before getting their free money from the casino which cancels out many of the dishonest players out there who just hop from casino to casino using up bonus funds. Match bonuses are based on a percentage bonus cash pay-out on your first deposit and sometimes further deposits thereafter. For example, a 100% match bonus would mean you would receive exactly the same amount of cash you deposited in extra bonus funds for example, deposit £30 and a 100% match bonus would give you a further £30 to enjoy.

No Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is preyed upon by those unscrupulous players mentioned earlier but is also a great and simple way for casinos to draw in new members. It’s quite simple, the casino pays out an amount of bonus cash when you register but before you deposit. Designed initially for sceptical players, to give them a chance to try out the casino before parting with their cash, no deposit bonuses have become a favourite of players looking to move from casino to casino picking up their winning along the way. Nowadays, casinos offering no deposit bonuses offer add an additional clause into their sites which means you can’t withdraw winning from the bonus cash spend until you’ve met set wagering requirements.

Banking Bonuses

Sometimes, a casino wants to encourage players to try out a new payment method than the general choice to always use credit card. Banking bonuses are designed to tempt players into using another payment method as credit card payments are trickier for casinos to process and a banking bonus can mean that you get an ever bigger % match when you use set methods. For example, if you get 100% match bonus on your first deposit and you choose to use one of the non-card based payment methods such as NETeller, many casinos add an additional 20% on top of your bonus. So, on a £100 deposit matched by another £100 in bonus cash, you’d get a further £20 for using a different type of payment method.

The casino industry is packed out with different brands fighting to gain customers and so these three types of bonus are just a drop in the ocean. Every day another brand comes out with a bigger and better way to attract new customers and the others quickly follow suit.