American Roulette


American Roulette Review

Almost everyone who goes into a casino has some time trying their luck on the roulette wheel. Well it certainly happens when I head to my local one. Sometimes though you just don’t fancy all that hassle of getting yourself ready and going to the casino. Instead why not just sit at home, switch on your PC or tablet and play Microgaming’s ‘American Roulette’ game. Always a joy to play and the drinks you’ll be having will be a bit cheaper too.

There are many versions of roulette around the world and there are a few differences between them in terms of rules. That’s why it’s even more important when playing this game to have a thorough look through the rules. Also have some free games to ensure you know just how this game works and don’t make any costly errors.

One difference you will notice is that unlike the European version that you might be used to playing, American Roulette has a double zero. That’s important because its presence slightly reduces your winning chances here. Rather than the wheel having 37 segments there are 38 so that has to be considered here when making your choice of number (s).

As is always the case with Microgaming releases, the game has a great look to it. The betting table with all the different betting options can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The all-important roulette wheel is visible at the top of the screen. The game also has a fair number of statistics available that can help you when playing the game. This includes the numbers that have been cropping up lately and those that are Hot and Cold.

Setting your stake for the game doesn’t really present you with any problems. It’s simply a question of deciding just how much you are going to be placing on each spin of the roulette wheel. American Roulette can be played from as little as £1 and up to £10,000 if you’re a real high roller.

Betting on this game is a lot more than just choosing one number, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. You can do that if you want but there are a lot more different kind of bets that you can make in this game. These include the ‘Open Racetrack’ option where you can choose a number and then automatically bet on the two numbers that are on either side of it giving you a total of five selected numbers. There’s no ‘neighbour’ bets which you might be used to if playing French Roulette.

Once you’ve decided on your bet then it’s just a case of spinning that wheel and hoping a win is going to come your way. If it does then that’s great news, if not then just start all over again and it’s easy to change your numbers/type of bet.


A fairly standard roulette game but one that you will greatly enjoy playing. It looks and sounds good and there are good chances of getting wins even with that double 00.