Beer Fest


Beer Fest Game Review

I had a friend who went to a Beerfest weekend once and it took longer than a couple of days for him to come back. All the fun and games of what happens at a Beerfest are contained in this fun game from Microgaming.

This is an interactive game that is based on one of those German beer festivals that are becoming more and more popular these days. If they as fun as this game then I can see why that happens to be the case.

Beerfest contains a series of games that can all raise a giggle and also win you some cash prizes. Playing the game costs between £0.50 and £10, simply choose a stake level that fits in with your financial budget and make it a stress free experience. Your stake gets you a go at all of the three games that you can play in Beerfest. The easiest game to play is on the left hand side of the screen and as you go to the right the games get a bit harder but have higher prizes waiting for you to win.

The first of these games is entitled ‘Beers All Round.’ Once you’ve stopped laughing at the great graphics of two drinkers wearing lederhosen, it’s time to get serious and try to win some cash. Your task here is to choose which one will drink the most. There’s a buxom serving girl in the middle who is going to be serving the drinks and putting a smile on everyone’s face. The drinks keep getting served and sooner rather than later one of the drinkers, hopefully not the one you’ve chosen, will turn green and fall over. If your choice is the one still standing, you get a multiplier. There’s plenty of slurping and burping sound affects here and it’s fun to play.

Next up is the Match the Munches game. The serving girl is back and she’s holding a food tray but we can’t see what food she has. In front of her are three more food trays with their contents hidden. Your job is to click the tray she’s holding to see what she has. Then you click the other trays and if you can match the food then you’re a winner.

The final game is Table Dancing and has the largest prizes available to win. Fritz is there in all his German gear and he’s standing behind four tables. You have to choose one for him to start a bit of thigh-slapping dancing on. If he can get to the end of his dance before the table collapses, then you’re a winner. This is a really funny round and you’ll love it when the poor table gives way underneath the dancer. Trouble is I’ve played it a lot of times and only had one winner.

Before you start each game you can press reveal to see what your prize is if you win. All are multipliers of your stake and if the reveal shows your win is going to be really high then chances are you might not be on a winner. There are three chances to at least get your stake back though.


This is a really fun game to play. It’s not exactly Mastermind but if you have some free time on your hands and want to have a giggle then this is for you. It has a good look to it and the soundtrack is a fun one too.