Big Break


Big Break Slots Review

Well this has nothing whatsoever to do with snooker or the TV quiz show from decades ago. Instead we have a bright and cheerful slots game from Microgaming with the big break referring to the big waves that surfers go to bed dreaming about.

This is a slight twist on other surfing video slots that you’ve seen before. Rather than the symbols being hunky guys and girls in bikinis we have animals instead. There’s a Lemur, a Macaque, an Orangutan (no sign of Clint Eastwood though), a Gibbon and a Gorilla which is the highest paying symbol here. Five of those get you the jackpot that can be as high as £5000 depending on your stake. We do get to see some surfing as the symbols become animated.

‘Big Break’ is a five-reel and 15 payline game. The amount you can gamble varies from £0.01 to £0.50 per line. Ten coins can be played at one time giving a maximum bet of £75 per spin of the reels. Just gamble an amount you feel comfortable with and perhaps start with a lower stake and gradually increase it as the wins start to roll on in.

Other symbols are tropical fruits such as a coconut, kiwi, pineapple, banana and a mango. There’s also a Big Break logo which is one of the wild symbols in this game. This one only substitutes for the animal symbols. The other wild is the Lucky Break symbol that can only turn up on the fifth reel. This wild is a little bit different because it pays winning combinations from right to left and doubles the win. The scatter symbol in ‘Big Break’ is the Munky Wax symbol. It’s good to see that the playing card symbols are absent for a change and all the symbols are theme-related.

The soundtrack is an entertaining one of beach music but not quite up to Beach Boys standards and a bit repetitive.

This is a pretty easy game to play and the bonus features aren’t that complex at all. A quick look through the paytable won’t take long though and can explain just how the game works. Some free games is a good idea too before you risk your real cash looking for that Big Break.

Bonus Features

If you can get three of the Munky Wax symbols then that earns you 15 free spins and that could be increased because it can be re-triggered. While you’re enjoying the free spins, the animal symbols all become scatters. This really helps you get some good wins as the symbols don’t need to be in order to make a winning combination. Even better the wild symbol can substitute for these symbols making even more wins possible.

The other bonus feature in this game is ‘Surf’s Up.’ To activate this you need to get five animal symbols appear on the reels. Now you have a big choice to make because there’s five surfboards and you simply choose one to reveal your prize.


This is a relatively simple game to play but the theme is well adhered to, all be it a rather strange one. Then again where else are you going to see animals surfing and giving you the chance to win some cash prizes.