Big Kahuna


Big Kahuna Slots Review

There must be someone at Microgaming who loves tropical fruit and animals, possibly an animal lover on a diet. After the ‘Big Break’ slots game that has animals on surfboards, we now have a jungle game with lots of animals, fruits but rather than surfing, we have a volcano. Hopefully it’ll be your online balance that will be erupting.

Microgaming have been producing successful games for over 20 years and created the first online casino in 1994 and they have another hit on their hands with this game. ‘Big Kahuna’ is a five reel and nine payline game with a coin range from £0.01 to £2. Five coins can be played on each line if you so wish

In all there’s eight regular symbols and not a playing card in sight. We have the Chief in his striking feathered headdress, a Komodo Dragon with a very long tongue and six pieces of fruit namely an organge, kiwi, lichi, strawberry, pineapple and watermelon. If this doesn’t get you making a fruit salad for tea then nothing will.

The Big Kahuna logo is the wild symbol in this game but only substitutes for the fruit symbols. That’s just like in the ‘Big Break’ game where the wild only substitutes for the animal symbols. There’s also a smiling monkey scatter symbol that can give you cash wins and pays in both directions. The other two scatters are the Tiki Mask and the Volcano, more about how they can get you into the bonus rounds in just a minute.

This is a reasonably straightforward game to play. All the operating buttons are down the bottom of the screen. The game can be played in either regular or expert mode. The advantage of choosing the expert mode is the ability to set up an autoplay of up to 500 spins.

Before you start playing, have a look through the paytable to ensure you fully understand how the game works. Some free play will also prepare you for the volcanic experience that awaits you.

Bonus Features

Three of the Tiki Mask symbols will get you into the Pick a Mask Bonus Game. Here you have ten masks from which to choose from. They all reveal cash prizes and you keep on choosing until the collect sign is revealed. That ends the bonus round but not before you get a consolation prize. it’s then time to get your winnings which are instantly added to your growing account balance.

Also in this game there’s the Volcano Bonus Feature. To trigger this you need to land three of the volcano symbols and at least one of these has to be on the first reel. In this bonus game you have some fruits to choose from . Now this isn’t an early dinner, they are in fact offerings to give to the volcano. When you’ve made your selection a prize is revealed and that’s that. Just one choice to make and it’s back to base play.


This is a bright and cheerful game to play. There’s the chance of getting some good wins in both base and bonus round play. It is similar to other games that Microgaming have released but it’s still an enjoyable and profitable game.