Bunny Boiler Gold


Bunny Boiler Gold Review

After the success of the Bunny Gold release from Microgaming who just keep bringing out some great games, we now have Bunny Boiler Gold.

This is rather similar to the original game as your bunny decides to go in search of the pot of gold that lies at the end of the long and treacherous path. Just how far the bunny goes and the success in landing on some multipliers will determine just how much you can win in this game.

You can play this game from £0.50 all the way up to £10. That’s a decent range and although not a game that will attract the high rollers, you can still win a decent amount in this game. Simply decide on a stake you can afford to lose and then have some fun playing the game.

Whatever your stake is you get six rolls of the dice, this really is just like a board game you play with your family at home except you can’t cheat at Bunny Boiler Gold. Whatever number you throw on the dice determines just how many moves your bunny rabbit can take. Along the way each of the segments has a variety of values which will determine just how much you’re going to be winning or not winning.

These are a bit different from in the original game. There’s the pile of gold coins and each time you pass one of these that guarantees you a win. If you get to the second one then this guarantees you at least get your stake back which is always a welcome moment. The red and green targets are important because if you land on the first one of either of these two colours, you’re instantly transported to the next one of that colour. That’s handy because the further you get along the path then the more you can win.

In the original game the Skull and Crossbones meant it was game over as your poor bunny perished. That’s not the case in this game as you can get a second chance and carry on the game. If you aren’t lucky enough to survive then your game is over and if you have managed to get any winnings then it’s time to collect them.

Keep an eye out for the Golden Carrot, this occurs randomly and if you land on it this takes you right the way along the path and into the jackpot game.

Then a second screen appears and it’s time to play the jackpot wheel. This also appears if you actually make it all the way to the end of the path, but you’re more likely to get here through the Golden Carrot route. There’s a slowly spinning wheel that contains all the various prizes you can win. Wherever it stops, that’s what you win.

The symbols for the game don’t change when a new game starts. That’s not ideal but at least you can’t have your game ended on the first throw of the dice as in the original game.

If you want to play the game quickly then you can go for the turbo option that speeds up the game. This is situated at the bottom of the screen. At the top right hand corner of the screen, there’s a question mark which if pressed takes you to the rules of the game. This isn’t the most complex of games but knowing the rules won’t do you any harm. Also try to get some free games so you can see exactly how the game operates.


I prefer this to Bunny Boiler. It’s definitely an improvement with the addition of the jackpot wheel, the golden carrot and the red and green targets. This is still a game that you can just enjoy when you’ve got nothing better to do and don’t fancy playing anything too complicated. You can get some good wins though which is more than welcome.