Bunny Boiler


Bunny Boiler Review

Now when you hear the words ‘Bunny Boiler’ you’re not sure whether it’s going to be an invite to a slap-up dinner or you might have a cage that doesn’t need using anymore. Well in this game from Microgaming the last thing you want is to end up with a bunny in the pot.

The aim of this game is to get the bunny all the way along to the pot of gold. It’s a long journey though and as you might expect, a lot of things can go wrong on the way.

You can play this game from £0.50 all the way up to £10. You shouldn’t have any problem finding a bet level that you will be entirely comfortable with, just don’t gamble anything you can’t afford to lose or this game will stop being fun.

Whatever your stake is you get six rolls of the dice, this really is just like a board game you play at home on a rainy afternoon, which means most of the summer. Whatever number you throw on the dice determines just how many moves your bunny rabbit can take. Along the way each of the segments has a variety of values which will determine just how much you’re going to be winning or not winning.

If you land on a carrot then that means you can continue on with the next roll of the dice. There are also plenty of multipliers available and these are represented by a barrel and gold. Landing on one of these, which range between 1x and 400x if you manage to get to the pot of gold, guarantees you a return. This is calculated as your stake times the multiplier you manage to find.

Sadly though there are a few ways of ending your game and requiring a condolence card to be sent for the poor old bunny. These include the death path which ends with a gravestone for your bunny and the end of your round. If you have already landed on a multiplier though you will still keep your win.

The problem with this game is that the symbols that determine how much you win or simply end the game don’t change. That means every time I started playing the game, I was dreading the dice coming up with a two or a five because I knew that meant curtains for me and no return on my stake.

If you want to play the game quickly then you can go for the turbo option that speeds up the game. This is situated at the bottom of the screen. At the top right hand corner of the screen, there’s a question mark which if pressed takes you to the rules of the game. This isn’t the most complex of games but knowing the rules won’t do you any harm. Also try to get some free games so you can see exactly how the game operates.

Bonus Game

There’s no bonus game in ‘Bunny Boiler’ which is a bit of a wasted opportunity. Surely one of the options should be to take you into some form of bonus game.


This is a fun game to play and doesn’t exactly need much brainpower to play. It can get a bit tense if you make it a decent way along the path because the final set of multipliers are 40x and 400x so well worth getting your hands on.