Couch Potato


Couch Potato Slot Review

For someone who watches a heck of a lot of television, this is a great game to review. Being a touch typist is really handy when you have a lot of slot reviews to write but also fancy watching the latest episode of ‘Coronation Street.’ I haven’t actually got a couch but I definitely fit into the category of ‘Couch Potato’ and that’s the name of this great slot game from Microgaming. They’ve been producing a steady flow of excellent slot games for nearly two decades and this is another of them.

Microgaming come up with some really complex and innovative games but they do like to take a trip back in time. There are several three reel games in their extensive catalogue of games including ‘Cosmic Cat’ which we also review on this site. These kind of games bring back some great memories, it’s a bit like having satellite TV when you just end up watching the programmes you saw about 30 years ago. Well that’s what I tend to do anyway.

This is a three reel game that has just the one payline. That’s probably going to disappoint those of you who love having large numbers of paylines to try and win cash with, but hey a change is as good as a rest sometimes. The game can be played from between £0.25 and £15, it all depends if you want to play three coins at a maximum level.

The actual reels in this game don’t take up all that much space. They’re seen at the top left hand corner of the screen. Below it and taking up a bit more space is the Couch Potato character. More potato than couch to be honest. On the top right hand side of the screen are the pays that are available for winning combinations.

The control buttons are down at the bottom of the screen. Your main choice is setting your stake but if you go for the expert mode then you can set either five or ten autoplays just in case you need a bit of time away from the computer. Well there might be a really interesting episode of ‘Pound Shop Wars’ on that you just can’t miss, though probably not.

The symbols in this game really will take you on a nostalgia trip. There’s the cherries, single bar, double bar, triple bar and the white, blue and yellow 7’s. You can get a payout just for one cherry appearing on a payline.

There is a wild symbol in this game and that’s the Couch Potato logo. This can substitute for all other symbols apart from a cherry and be a great help in getting more winning combinations. It also produces the highest win in the game if three appear on the one payline at 1500x your stake.

Bonus Game

There’s no bonus game in ‘Couch Potato.’


This is a bit of a throwback and Microgaming are pretty good at producing these. It’s a high variance game so don’t expect too many big wins though you’ll be delighted when you do.