Crazy Chameleons


Crazy Chameleons Slot Review

Thankfully you can actually see these Crazy Chameleons because it’d be a bit of a waste of time if you couldn’t. I’ve been watching David Attenborough for more years than I care to remember and he’s taught me a great deal about animals from all over the world. However, I don’t quite remember him ever telling me how chameleons are extremely talented surfers and love nothing better than riding the waves.

Microgaming have been coming up with a whole host of great games over the past couple of decades. This is a really entertaining game and there are plenty of giggles along the way.

This is a five reel game that has just five paylines for you to play. There’s no progressive jackpot for you to chase and not even any bonus games. Wins are paid left to right and right to left.The cost of playing this game ranges from £0.25 to £25. Not too wide a range so just ensure you play at a level that you can afford to lose.

There’s two modes of play in Crazy Chameleons. That’s regular and expert, the only real difference between the two levels being the ability to set automated spins in the expert mode. Setting the mode you want to play in and the level of stake is easily done by using the control buttons at the bottom of the screen. There’s also a paytable that gives full details about the game.

The symbols here include a chameleon but it’s not riding the waves, a couple of purple and yellow surfboards that are sitting upright on a sandy beach, a smiling sun with sun glasses on, some seagulls that may or may not be about to make a deposit and some extremely colourful beach shorts. Then there’s the ten to Ace playing card symbols which is a bit of a waste really. Couldn’t we have had some more chameleons or beach scenes?

The wild symbol here is an image of a perfect wave with the word ‘Wild’ written on it. This can substitute for all the other symbols in this game because there isn’t any scatter, bonus or free spins symbols to be seen.

Bonus Games

There’s no bonus game in Crazy Chameleons.


There’s a real disappointment in playing this game which isn’t the usual case with games from Microgaming. The theme really could have been adhered to a great deal more. Why call it Crazy Chameleons when there are hardly any in the game and the most you see of chameleons enjoying a surf is in the paytable. Perhaps the waves were a bit calm the day this was designed. Some more theme related symbols rather than the playing cards would be appreciated too. The soundtrack isn’t too bad but if playing for a long time I’d definitely mute it. The big disappointments are in the lack of a bonus game and not even any free spins to be dangled in front of you. You can get some decent wins but this could have been so much better.