Crypt Crusade Gold


Crypt Crusade Gold Review

If you want a break from playing slot games then give Crypt Crusade Gold a go. This is a classic board game that has been produced by Microgaming. They have a fantastic reputation and when you play their games you know some fun is ahead.

So what’s this game all about then? Well if you love going on a treasure hunt then this is really going to be up your street. When I was a child I had a whole host of board games in my toy cupboard. I had game after game and the hardest job I used to have was deciding which one to play next. They were always great fun to play and there were plenty of different variations that could be played. It’s no surprise therefore that I enjoyed playing this game so much.

The hero of the game is our treasure hunter who is faced with a very long journey if he wants to get his hand on some treasure. It’s our job to guide him around the board but it’s not going to be the easiest of jobs. We’re given seven spins with which to guide our hero. The cost of playing the game ranges from £0.50 all the way up to £10. That’s not too wide a range compared to some games out there. Simply decide on a level you feel comfortable with and perhaps adjust it depending on how well your account balance is doing.

So you’ve decided your stake now it’s on with the game. The design of the board is an enjoyable one. You’ll love the way the treasure hunter jumps around the board. It’s hard work though so after each spin he takes his hat off and wipes the sweat off his forehead. He then gets his breath back and it’s your turn to spin again to see how far you can get him along the board.

There’s no dice to throw to decide how many steps forward the treasure hunter can take. There’s just a compass that goes round and round when you press the spin button. It can give you between one and six steps. The further you get along the trail the more you can win. You have just eight spins to try and win the jackpot. If you can safely get 15 spaces forward then that wins you half your stake. 23 spaces is the break even point here and if you can go on and reach 29 spaces then that will double your stake.

You don’t have to land on those spaces to get your prize, just passing them is enough. If you really have good luck and can get over 32 spaces then the prizes really start to mount up. Of course the dream is to get the jackpot. If you can reach this then there’s a spin of the wheel to decide just how much you’ve won. This can be up to 500x your stake.

Now it’s a heck of a long way to the jackpot so you need a bit of luck to get there. Some of the spaces allow the treasure hunter to swing a few spaces ahead thanks to a Tarzan style rope. What you really need though is the Golden Compass as this takes you straight to the jackpot. There’s also a continue space that gives you an additional spin. Watch out for the danger space that will end your game.

Bonus Game

There’s no bonus game in ‘Crypt Crusade Gold.’


There’s some great fun to be had with this game. Anyone who loves board games will love this as you try to get your hands on some treasure. Every game is different so this is definitely recommended.