Dawn Of The Bread


Dawn of the Bread review

I don’t profess to being a great cook and the chances of me ending up on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ are pretty slim I can tell you. However, none of my culinary disasters can match those seen in this scratchcard from Microgaming. That’s quite an achievement considering one disaster included a Christmas dinner cooked with the oven door open because the turkey tin was so large the door wouldn’t shut. At least it kept the flat warm though.

Enough of my kitchen disasters and onto this entertaining scratchcard game. It’s set in a bakery where the baker just happens to be a zombie. Well that’s fairly unique to say the least. The ingredients he’s using to bake his bread would have Mary Berry collapsing in shock and running out of that marquee at double speed. There’s rats, dentures, bugs, eyeballs, slugs and hearts.

Now the look of this game is just as hilarious as its title. The zombie baker looks fantastically creepy with his lizard-like green skin that looks even more striking as he’s wearing the traditional baker gear complete with one of those silly looking massive white hats. It appears that even zombies have no problem keeping their outfits sparkling clean.

So what’s the game all about? Well it’s all to do with the oven and those ingredients that are going to make some pretty foul tasting bread. Playing the game costs between £0.50 and £10. That’s a reasonable range so you should be able to find a level that fits in with your financial budget. If you start getting some good wins then you can suitably adjust your stake.

Once you’ve decided how much that you’re going to stake then you press the ‘New Card’ button. Your task is to get three ingredients that are matching from the nine that are in the oven. On the left of the screen is the paytable and this shows the multiplier that will be won when you match that particular ingredient.

This starts off with 2x for the bug going up to 5x for the ugly looking slug. This keeps on rising to 10x for the rat, 100x if you get two of the false teeth ingredients and then there’s a massive jump up to 2500x for the hearts and a massive 10,000x for the eyeballs.

You can either scratch each of the panels individually or click ‘reveal’ to see all of them scratched in one foul swoop and believe me those ingredients don’t come much fouler.


A trip to the zombie’s kitchen is definitely recommended. Eating anything cooked in that kitchen is probably not recommended even if you’re a zombie yourself. This is an easy game to play and an entertaining one though I guess if you play it for a fair while the joke will wear as thin as the pastry I tend to make. The top prize is definitely one that you’ll want to get your hands on though actually winning it is a very difficult task.