Deuces Wild


Deuces Wild

If you love card games, particularly poker then this is definitely going to be right up your street. This comes from Microgaming who have been producing some excellent games for online casinos for a couple of decades now.

The look of the game is a fairly simple one. Down at the bottom of the screen there’s the control buttons that allow you to set your stake for each game. The coin range goes from £0.25 to £5 and you can choose to play between one and five coins on each deal of the cards so the maximum bet here is £25. Not a massive amount but only choose that if you can afford to lose it. There’s also an option to choose how many hands you want to play and this can go up to 100 if you so wish.

So how do you play this game? Well it’s fairly straightforward thankfully and the full rules are available if you press the question mark at the bottom left of the screen. After placing your bet you press deal and you’re given five playing cards. At the top of the screen you’ll see the paytable which indicates how much you’ll win.

There are several ways of winning starting with three of a kind which is the lowest payer. In rising level of winnings the other winning categories are a straight (five consecutive numbers), a flush (five of the same suit), full house (three of a kind and two of a kind), four of a kind, straight flush (five consecutive cards all the same suit), five of a kind, wild royal flush, four deuces and a natural royal (ten, jack, queen, king, ace). The natural royal pays 4000x your stake if staking five coins.

Once the cards have been dealt you are given the option of holding them. For example if you’ve been dealt three 7’s then that’s good news because you’re already on a winner and if you’ve chosen to play with five coins then you’ve won five times your stake. If you want to you can collect your win or go for the gamble feature, more about that in a moment.

If there’s no win then you can decide to hold some of your initial cards and then have another deal of the cards. If you’re close to a straight or have a couple of matching cards then you can hold those and hope that you can complete three of a kind or better when the other cards are dealt.

Normally getting a 2 might not be the best of news but in this game it’s a wild. That means it can substitute for other cards and help create some winning hands for you.

Bonus Game

Once you manage to get yourself a win there’s a chance to double or quadruple it. Yes folks it’s back to the next card gamble that is seen in so many slot games and is also present here. If you can correctly guess the colour of the next card in the pack then you double your win. To get an even larger win why not try to correctly guess the suit of the next card. There’s four of those of course so this time you can quadruple your prize. You can play this up to five times and up to a limit of £1000. Now that all sounds good but just try it with your own pack of cards and discover how difficult it can be. One gamble you might get away with but if you keep on trying it then it’s an easy way of losing your wins.


You need your wits around you when playing this game. At least you don’t have to do any bluffing as in real poker. It’s an entertaining game and you can win some good prizes. Just be careful with that gamble feature though.