Dragons Fortune


Dragons Fortune Game Review

If you want to play a really simple scatchcard game then this is it. We’ve reviewed many Microgaming slot games on this site but this is one of their Instant Win scratchcard/ball games. It’s a game with an oriental theme with a dragon that seems to have an indigestion problem that could win you some good cash prizes.

The graphics in the game are pretty good with bright colours and certainly has a strong Oriental theme. On the left hand side of the screen we have a set of pearls. There’s eight of them that are different colours and each has a different Chinese character on them. Each of these Chinese characters are related in some way to good luck and fortune. The different colours are Gold, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Grey and Yellow.

In the middle we have the game board which consists of six spaces that will soon be filled. How do they get filled? Well easy really because on the right hand side of the screen we have a massive red dragon that seems to have developed a neat trick of being able to release fireballs that have pearls inside them.

So how does the game work? Well your first choice is to decide the stake you want to make for the upcoming game. The cost of the game ranges from just £0.50 to £10. Not a wide range but just select a stake that you can afford to lose. Once you’ve worked out your stake all that happens is the dragon will cough up six pearls that end up on the game board. That’s it, really. Told you it was pretty simple.

Whether you win or not depends on if the pearls that are selected actually match. Each of the pearls has a win value and all you have to do is hope that the dragon spews out a couple of matching pearls that are of high value. The smallest win is 2x your stake if you can match the two yellow pearls, this then goes up to 5x and 10x. Then there’s a really big jump up to 100x your stake, then 250x, 1000x and the jackpot is 10,000x your stake and quite logically this is if you can match the two gold pearls. You’ll really be celebrating if that comes along. A great prize if you can win it but I had enough problem getting low value wins let alone the jackpot.


This isn’t the greatest of games to be honest but scratchcard games aren’t always that entertaining in my opinion. Each game that you play is over within a matter of seconds and then it’s onto the next one. The graphics and sound affects are good and certainly fit the theme well but there’s really not much to this game apart from funding it and hoping you get a win. If there was a bonus game that could be triggered then that might make it a big more interesting.