Enchanted Woods


Enchanted Woods Slot Review

Down in the woods there are fairies and elves and plenty of fairy treasure. Now if that doesn’t get you interested in trying to get your hands on some of it, then I don’t know what will. ‘Enchanted Woods’ is another successful slot release from Microgaming who over the past two decades keep coming up with great games to play.

This is a five reel slot game with 25 paylines for you to try and get some winning combinations on. It’s a little bit different from some games you might be playing. For starters there’s only one row of symbols in this game which is a bit of a trip back to the last century. You make two spins in this game but don’t worry you only have to pay for one of them. Once the first spin of the reels has taken place you have a decision to make. If you so wish you can hold reels that you want to . That should give you a better chance of getting some wins with the second spin of the reels as well as upping your chances of getting into the bonus game. There are no wins paid after the first spin, any wins you get are paid out after the second one.

The cost of playing the game ranges from £0.10 to £100, that’s a hefty amount to place on one spin of the reels, well two for the price of one really, just go for a level you’re comfortable with. Symbols in the game include toadstools, a variety of fairies, goblins and a wizard who of course has the almost compulsory long white beard.

When each of the symbols gets you a winning combination they have their own little magical sound as a kind of celebration. That’s a nice little touch that shows a lot of thought has gone into this game. We also get to hear noises such as crickets, toads and other forms of insects that might just drive you mad after a while as anyone who’s been camping might testify.

The mysterious purple fairy is the wild symbol in this game. It doesn’t appear on all of the reels, just the second and fourth ones. It can replace all the other symbols in the game apart from the bonus symbol which is the Toad. This really gives you a good chance of getting some winning combinations.

If you play the maximum number of coins in this game and get five mysterious purple fairies then you can win £7000 so good luck with that.

There’s no autoplay feature available in this game. All the control buttons are down at the bottom of the screen and this includes access to a paytable that will fully explain the game to you.

Bonus Games

There’s no scatter symbol in this game so it’s the bonus symbol that triggers the free spins. You need to get at least three of these bonus symbols to get into the bonus game. When that is done then you see ten toads that are sitting on a tree as they do I guess, ask Sir David Attenborough he’ll tell you. Anyway you need to pick three of these toads and they’ll reveal cash prizes. All a bit basic but profitable at the same time.


This is a little bit different from other Microgaming slot games and it’s an interesting one. Just one row of symbols, no scatter and the hold element make for a game where you need to do a little bit of thinking. Definitely recommended.