Esqueleto Explosivo


Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Review

Now this really is a very different kind of slot game. Let’s sort out the title first shall we? It’s Spanish for ‘Exploding Skeletons’ not something you find in most Spanish phrasebook. It’s a slot from Thunderkick Games and is based on the Mexican holiday ‘Day of the Dead’ which sounds really cheerful doesn’t it?

Well that’s the day when Mexicans celebrate and remember their dead relatives so don’t go thinking this is yet another zombie themed slot. The game is set in a town square in Mexico and the entertainment comes from Enrico Mortis and his mariachi band, the Boners (yes really that’s their name). It’s a lovely sight with them playing surrounded by candles and photos of their dead relatives.

It’s played on five reels and 17 paylines which isn’t the most common number for games. Those 17 paylines are actually fixed so the only decision you have to make is how much you’re going to stake. Stakes in this game go from £0.10 to £100, a wide range and one that will allow you to easily set a stake that you feel comfortable with.

There’s only five symbols in this game and they are the five band members. Fitting in with the morbid but celebratory theme they are represented by coloured skulls in a variety of colours. We have a light blue, yellow, green, pink and dark blue. When you spin the reels it’s really strange. The skulls just fall forward and disappear, then a new set arrives and drop down onto the bodies of the musicians. See told you it was all a bit different. When you get a winning combination the band start singing which isn’t too bad.

There’s a wild symbol which is the yellow skull, probably the only skull you’ll see that is wearing a pair of sunglasses, though technically it doesn’t actually have any eyes. This is actually an Explosivo Wild which can as you might have guessed explode, end of Spanish lesson for the day. This will explode all eight symbols next to it and this can really get you some wins.

Another feature is the dropping symbols. That’s just a fancy name for cascading symbols that you’ll have seen in other slot games. Symbols suddenly explode and are replaced by the ones directly above them. This can give you a chance to get more winning combinations. That’s important because each consecutive win you get will increase the Mucho Multiplier and this can get as high as 32x.

Down at the bottom of the screen there’s a button that has nine little squares. Click on this and a second screen comes up. This allows you to find out the rules of the game and to set your stake. It also gives you access to the autoplay feature where you can set from five to 5000 automated spins.

Bonus Games

There’s no real bonus game here, the special features with wilds and multipliers are where you can get the higher wins.


This is a great game to play. The theme is an interesting if not macabre one and the music involved really sets the scene. The Mucho Multiplier and the Explosivo Wild really help you get some good wins and that’s another reason to play this a fair bit.