Game Set And Scratch


Game Set and Scratch Review

Now this hasn’t got anything to do with what you might do if your pet moggy has a bit of a problem with fleas. It is in fact another sratchcard game from Microgaming that has tennis as its theme. It’s an entertaining game to play that can wile away a bit of time when you want a break from all those slot games that you play.

To set your stake for the game you need to go to the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It’s easy to do like just about everything in this game and you can either increase or decrease the stake with ease. Once you have set your stake you simply need to click on the New Card button and away you go.

The game is in two parts so it’s a little bit different from some of the scratchcard games that you play. The main game is on the left hand side of the screen and there’s a second one on the right hand side of the screen. You get to play both of the games for the price of one so there’s a fair bit of value in this Microgaming scratchcard.

The first part of the game is the one you should be used to. There are six tennis panels and you need to reveal three of the same tennis player to get a win. Each one is worth a different amount The players all look a bit strange to me to be fair. You won’t be complaining if you can see one of them in triplicate though because that gives you a win. The top win here is 10000x your stake so that’s almost like winning Wimbledon if that comes along.

The second part of the game is more like a tennis match. It’s good to see something that isn’t just the normal scratch ’em game. You need to scratch the reveal prize in order to find out just what is on offer for playing the game. Then you click on the square above and the job here is to see if your ball is in or out. If it’s in then you’re a winner, if it’s out then hard luck. It’s a bit like that Hawkeye that comes up on the scoreboard when a player queries a call in a major tennis match. No protesting and sulking like in the real game of tennis and no using those words the commentators always have to apologize for when Andy Murray shouts them out.

Make sure you try to have some free games and learn as much as you can about ‘Game, Set and Scratch’ before you start playing for real.


An entertaining game and one that is a bit different from some scratchcard games out there. It’s good to see two games on offer and the bonus game is a decent one as you just beg that ball to be in. Definitely recommended for bit of fun and there are some decent prizes on offer.