Hexaline Slot Game Review

Here’s a game that looks a little bit different from the ones that you’re used to. It has a bit of the old Blockbusters feel to It without all the questions and there’s definitely no need to ask anyone if you can have a P. It’s another slot from Microgaming who have been producing some excellent games for us all to play over the past couple of decades.

‘Hexaline’ is a five-reel game but there’s no standard paylines as in most of the games that you play. So how do you get a winning combination then if there’s no paylines? Well all you need is any group of hexagons that match and extend from one side of the reels to the other.

The geometric lines that allow you to get winning combinations are shown in the paytable. Having a good look through that is definitely recommended for an unorthodox game such as this. Getting some experience through some free games is also a good idea before you finally put your real cash on the line.

There are 18 hexagons in this game and they come in six different colours. There’s purple, green, blue, yellow and then there’s the wild symbol. Each of the hexagons has a different multiplier.

The wild symbol is the pink and white hexagon. As in other games this can substitute for other symbols in the game in order to get you some winning combinations.

Playing the game costs between £0.10 and £50, not a bad range and one that should see you being able to gamble at a level you are totally comfortable with.

Bonus Game

There’s just the one bonus game in ‘Hexaine’ and that’s the Golden Train Bonus Round. To trigger it you need to get three or more of the hexagons that have the word ‘bonus’ written in them. Once that qualification has been achieved then all the hexagons turn yellow and you have a decision to make. You need to pick one of the hexagons that are on the first reel. With a bit of luck you’ll get a forward arrow come up and that means you’ve won a prize. Then it’s onto the next reel and again you need to pick one of the hexagons. If you get a back arrow come up then that’s another prize you’ve won. Now your job is to pick a hexagon from the reel to the left of the one you’re currently on. This continues until you choose a hexagon that has the red cross on. Do that and the bonus game comes to a swift end.


This is a game that is definitely worth playing if you fancy having a go at something that is a little bit out of the ordinary. No paylines and a lack of spinning reels might put a few of you off but there’s still some fun to be had with this game and there’s some decent prizes to be won too. A change is as good as a rest after all and if it wins you some money then that’s even better.