Louisiana Double


Louisiana Double Review

If you’re getting a little bit tired of playing all the slot and scratchcard games that are available, why not have a good old game of Video Poker. That’s exactly what is on offer in this game from Microgaming who keep on coming up with some excellent games.

‘Louisiana Double’ is based on the game ‘Jacks or Better’ but with a little bit of a difference. That being the inclusion of an additional ‘Double’ card to the deck. Now this is really handy because it has the ability to double the win that you get with any hand so keep an eye out for it. However, it can only give assistance to hands that require four or less hands and will stop you hitting the five card hand. It’s helpful but not that generous!

The game has a fairly basic look to it. Down the bottom of the screen you can set your stake for each deal of the cards. Playing the game costs between just £0.25 and £25. Once that’s done you click the deal button and five cards (seen just above the control buttons) are dealt to you. Some of them will be held, it just depends how close you are to getting a winning hand. For example, in one game I was dealt 2,3,4,5 and a King. Those low numbers were of different suits but there was a decent chance of a straight if either an Ace or a six showed up. All four of those low numbers were held. I then simply pressed the draw button hoping to get a winning hand thanks to the new card. An Ace popped up and the straight was achieved. When one, two or three cards are held you can choose to hold additional ones if you so wish.

There’s a bit of strategy that is required when playing ‘Louisiana Double’ it’s not just a question of clicking the buttons and expecting the wins to automatically come along. Make sure you learn how to play this game by looking through the rules and get some free games to help build up your experience before putting some real cash into it.

There are nine ways in which you can win in this game. The smallest and most common win is for Kings or Better which pays 5x your stake if you’re betting at maximum stake as all the figures shown here are. Then it goes through two pairs, three of a kind, a straight (five consecutive numbers paying 20x your stake), a Flush (30x for five cards of the same suit), Full House (three of a kind and two of a kind paying 45x) and then the three largest wins. Four of a kind pays 175x, a Straight Flush (five consecutive numbers of the same suit) paying 375x and the Holy Grail is the Royal Flush (ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit) and that pays 2500x your stake so you’ll be royally delighted if that comes up.

Bonus Games

There is a double up feature in this game. If you get a win you can go for this and your task is to draw a card that’s higher than the one given to the dealer. Don’t gamble big wins with this as it is a bit risky.


A good video poker game with plenty of chances to win. A bit of strategy is required which does make the game interesting. Definitely recommended.