Love Bugs


Love Bugs Slot Review

Love is most definitely in the air in this slot game from Microgaming who keep on putting out some excellent games. Even the most unromantic person might be swayed by the chance to win some excellent cash prizes in this game.

‘Love Bugs’ has a bright and cheerful look to it and does its best to fit in every romantic cliché there is. On each side of the reels are the charming looking love bug and lady bug. They look rather cartoonish but good to look at. We also get to see some houses under a cloud-filled sky. I don’t think anyone’s going to rain on this love parade though.

It’s a five-reel game that has a total of 20 paylines that winning combinations can be earned on. Playing the game costs between £0.01 and £100 so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a level you can play at without causing any financial worries.

The symbols are all theme-related which is always good to see. We get to see some flowers, champagne, a love letter (surely it should be a love email these days?), a gold necklace, a huge diamond ring destined for someone’s finger, perfume and a heart shape that has a picture of Venice on it.

The Lady Bug and the Love Bug are the two wilds in this game. They can substitute for other symbols in order to get you winning combinations. There’s lots for them to do here as they also trigger the bonus round. The wild can’t substitute for the scatter symbol which is the arrow-pierced heart.

Bonus Game

If you can get the Lady Bug on the first reel and the Love Bug on the fifth then this triggers the free spins round. There’s an impressive 40 free spins on the line if your luck is really in but you have to earn them. You’re taken to a sequence where the two bugs are travelling down a Venetian canal and go under four bridges. As they do so prizes fall from the bridges, this could be a diamond ring which doubles your win or a necklace which gives you ten free spins. So you’re definitely hoping to get some necklaces falling off those bridges if you want all those free spins. At least you’re guaranteed something if it’s just the diamond rings that crop up.

There’s a gamble feature in this game and it’s the usual guess the next card feature. That means you have to correctly guess the colour of the next card to double your base game win. Be a bit braver and you can quadruple it by guessing right what the suit of the next card will be. Be careful with this, especially if going for the guess the suit option, it really is an easy way to chuck away some good wins.


‘Love Bugs’ is a good looking game with a clever theme. The bonus round is a good one, especially if you’re lucky enough to get a high amount of free spins to play with. Be wary with the gamble feature though and try to hold onto the wins you get not lose them.