Monster Mania


Monster Mania Slot Review

Monsters tend to come in two categories these days. There’s the truly frightening ones that necessitate a change of underwear and the ones that are playing for laughs. In ‘Monster Mania’ from Microgaming, who keep putting out one great game after another, it’s the latter variety. They don’t look that scary and might raise a giggle or two.

This is five=reel game that has a total of three rows and just the nine paylines. You don’t have to activate all of those if you don’t want to. The cost of playing the game ranges from £0.25 to £18, not a bad range but hardly one that will attract the high rollers out there.

‘Monster Mania’ has been around a fair time so don’t expect the graphics to be as complex as those seen in more recent games. The symbols we do get are a bit basic but they’re quite charming. There’s a giant green eyeball, a three-toed blue monster, a blue razor-backed ciritter, an orange worm (who’s scared of a worm?) and some furry green thing that could do with going to Specsavers.

It’s the green cross-eyed monster that is the highest value symbol in this game and five of them gets you 1000x your line bet so this is a monster you’ll be wanting to see a lot of. Rather than the usual playing card symbols we get some oranges watermelons, grapes, bananas and apples as the lower paying symbols. Always good to see them on the reels, so much better than a load of numbers.

The wild symbol in this game is the big mouth that has the word ‘WILD’ writte on it. I think they’re supposed to be its teeth so there’s some definite problems there. However, it won’t be a problem if the wild comes along and creates some winning combinations for you by substituting for other symbols. It can do that for all of them apart from the scatter symbol which is the rather charming exposed brain that is seen on top of two eyeballs and a blue grin. Three of those anywhere on the reels will see you get a win.

This isn’t the most complex game at all, you can tell it’s a few years old. It’s still a good idea to find out as much about the game before starting to pump some cash into it. Have a look at the paytable and enjoy some free games just to see all these monsters in action. The game can be played in regular and expert mode, the only real difference being the chance to set some automated spins.

Bonus Game

Sadly there isn’t one in this game, the nearest you get is that wild helping you to get some good wins


This is an enjoyable little slot but there’s not that much happening here really. It could do with some free spins or just a random bonus. That way you’d have something to aim for. Apart from the wilds and hoping the high paying symbols come along, this is all a bit lacklustre really. It might be suitable for youngsters and those new to playing slot games who just want a gentle introduction and the chance to get some decent wins.