Mugshot Madness


Mugshot Madness Slot Review

Now here’s a slot from Microgaming that has a very strange look to it. As you might guess from the title we have a collection of rather weird criminals. I’d hate to live in the city where this lot are on the loose but hopefully they’ll be caught sooner or later.

Why are the criminals so weird? Well, the answer is easy really because they all happen to be animals and not exactly the sort you’d pick to be a pet at home.

In the background we see the bars of a cell in the local police station which hopefully these crazy looking animals will soon be behind. It does a lot to enhance the theme of this game.

‘Mugshot Madness’ is a five-reel game that has a total of 20 paylines and three rows of symbols. You can play this slot from £0.05 to £100. I think I’ve worked out what some of the criminals have been doing. They’ve been stealing playing card symbols because there aren’t any in this game which is always a plus in my book. We get a horse in a blonde wig (honest I’m not making this up), a monkey, a cat, a vulture, a hynena, an octopus (eight tentacle cuffs required), a rhino, a mole, an alligator and a fox. There’s also a dog who is actually Detective Jack Murphy.

Murphy is an important character here because he just happens to be the wild symbol here. He can substitute for other symbols to get you wins but not the police badge as that’s the scatter symbol in this game.If the wild does form a winning combination then that will be doubled.

Bonus Game

The Line-up feature is the main bonus game here. It’s a little bit different so make sure you go through the paytable to find out as much about this game as possible. Some free games will be really helpful too so you can see all of the game in action.

To trigger the bonus feature you need to get at least three of the police badge symbols anywhere on the reels. This gives you 15 free spins for three of them, 20 for four and if you can get five of the scatter symbols that gets you 25 free spins.

When the free spins round begins your target is to capture the criminals by getting them in winning combinations. When that happens the particular criminals symbol will turn into a black and white mugshot. It remains looking like that throughout the free spins round. The free spins round also has some tasty multipliers that are given to you when one of the criminals is caught. As you might expect, the lower value symbols will be easier to catch than the higher paying ones. If you can get the big ones the multiplier can be as high as 10x if you manage to get the alligator.


An enjoyable game to play with a really good theme. The game looks good and the soundtrack won’t drive you round the bend. The bonus round is a good laugh and can give you some good wins so this is definitely recommended.