We’re back under the sea for ‘Octopays’, another fun game from excellent slot designers Microgaming. As you might guess from its title, the star of the show here is a rather cute looking octopus. It’s an enjoyable game and one that gives you plenty of reasons to play and win good prizes.

This is a five-reel game that is one of the Microgaming releases that has a total of 243 different ways to win. That’s because it pays out on adjacent symbols rather than having strict paylines. Hands up who though ‘Octopays’ might just have the eight paylines! Playing the game isn’t too dear and runs all the way up to £150 for you high rollers out there. To start the game just press the captain’s wheel, a nice touch that fits in superbly with the theme of the game.

In the background we can see the underwater scene and a boat that has unfortunately sunk. Was it attacked by the octopus, who knows? Symbols in the game include an anchor, a diving helmet that has had plenty of use from the look of it and as is often the case in any game related to the sea, a treasure chest full of gold coins. In terms of underwater creatures, there’s a hammerhead shark and of course the octopus. The latter is the wild symbol in this game and can substitute for other symbols to get you some tidy winning combinations. It’s on double duty in this game as it also plays a big part in triggering the bonus game as will shortly be explained. Also look out for a black octopus symbol and there’s also the nine to Ace playing card symbols, one or two less would have been better.

This isn’t the most complex of games out there. Don’t let that make you think having a glance at the paytable isn’t worth your while. That will tell you all about the game and how much the winning combinations will pay.For example, the top win here is for five of the treasure chest symbols and this has a multiplier of 4000x. A few free games will also allow you to see how the game runs.

Bonus Game

To trigger the Kraken Feature you need to get that cute but probably downright evil octopus on the second and fourth reels at the end of a spin. That awards you with a total of 12 free spins but you get a bit of help during the bonus round.

Before each of the free spins, you’ll suddenly see some enormous Kraken tentacles (the Kraken being this enormous octopus who used to sink ships) appear and put as many as four more octopus wild symbols on the reels (but not the third reel). This will really increase your chances of getting some good wins here. There’s more though because that black octopus I mentioned previously finally makes an appearance in this bonus round. He inks any octopus symbol that creates a winning combination and doubles that win you’ve just had.


Another impressive slot from Microgaming. It has a good look to it and the theme is an enjoyable one. Even the soundtrack isn’t that irritating. The bonus game can be really profitable with all the wild action going on.