Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold


Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold Review

I must admit that I am a bit partial to the odd game of blackjack and it’s always something that I aim to do when playing in the local casino. It can get a bit expensive going there though so these days I do love playing the game in the comfort of my own home. That’s something which has been made a lot easier by playing ‘Premier Blackjack Hi Gold.’ Its another excellent release from Microgaming who just keep putting out one impressive game after another.

It’s really important to have a bit of variety in the games that you play. That’s why I tend to go for a mixture of slot games and then the odd scratchcard game or two and then back to the blackjack games I love. Having some variety in the kind of blackjack that I play is also ideal and that works well with this game.

The game has a good look to it and is fairly easy to play. Just go through the game rules and you’ll soon be understanding everything about how this all works. Some free games won’t do you any harm either as you aim to see just how the game runs.

This Hi Lo version of the game really is a bit of a change. The basics of the game are there but with a few distinct differences. So just how is this different from the normal game that you play? Here we have the traditional game that you’re all familiar with, that dream of getting 21 or at least having a hand that is better than that the dealer can manage.

As usual you are dealt two cards and then there’s the option of sticking or requesting a Hit so you are given more cards. That’s not an easy guess and the danger is that you can go over 21 and bust thus ending your game in dismal failure.

The Hi Lo Feature is the big difference here and gives you an additional chance to get some more wins. Away from the main betting area of the game there are three sections. The first is the Lo section and has the number 1-12. You can place bets on this up to the maximum of £25. Only bet that if you can afford to lose it. There’s a 1:1 payout if the first two cards that come up have a value of 1-12. The second section i the 13 section and time to find out whether that number is lucky or unlucky. Again you can bet up to £25 and the odds are a tempting 10:1 if the first two cards total 13. The final one is the Hi section which is 14-21. There’s a 1:1 payout on offer if the first two cards drawn total that amount.


It’s good to see something different and that’s just what you get with this game. The Hi Lo side of the game is an interesting concept and certainly adds something to the game. This is definitely on my to play list as are most Microgaming releases.