Premier Roulette Diamond Edition


Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Review

Every time that roulette wheel spins it’s guaranteed to get your heart beating that little bit faster. Whether it be in your local casino, playing those machines that seem to have invaded the High Street bookmakers these days the excitement is there. Now you can experience it in your own home as you play ‘Premier Roulette Diamond Edition’ and hope that wheel of fortune is spinning in your direction. It’s another great game from Microgaming but we’ve grown to expect that.

There are a few Microgaming roulette releases and this is a little bit more complex than some of their games that are ideal for players perhaps new to this great game. Graphics as ever in a Microgaming release are highly impressive. The wheel looks fantastic and it really adds to the enjoyment of the game. It may be all about watching a ball spinning around a wheel but it’s got to look and sound good doesn’t it. Thankfully that’s just what we get here. You even have six different designs to choose from so the player is well catered here.

This is the European version of Roulette so don’t be expecting any double 00 on the wheel. That always makes me think of Dick Dastardly’s car in ‘Wacky Races.’ Seriously though it’s absence does give the player more chance to get wins here which is more than Dick ever did!

Setting your stake for the game is relatively easy with all the chips on the bottom right of the attractive looking betting table. Playing this costs you between £0.25 if you just want some fun or as much as £1000 if you’re playing this game with the intention of winning some big money. Simply select your chip size and then click on the table and you’re nearly ready to start playing. Then choose your numbers, don’t worry there is little chance of you making a mistake in setting them as the table lights up with the numbers you’ve chosen. If you want to take your chips off the table, simply click ‘undo’ or ‘clear.’ It’s also possible to double the size of your last chip, just press ‘double’ but make sure this doesn’t muck up your financial budget.

If you’re someone who has played roulette for a fair while then you’ll be keen to click on the ‘expert’ button. This expands the number of bets that you can select from adding such bets as neighbours and on the racetrack. If all of that means little to you then make sure you look through the rules of the game and have some free games. That’ll help build up your experience of this great game. If you just want to play a simple version of the game then just click the regular button and that’s what you’ll be playing.

Once you’ve worked out your stake and placed your bets, it’s time to press the spin button and watch that wheel begin to spin and will hopefully bring you some luck. When the ball finally finds its resting place a placeholder will come onto the table and mark the lucky number. If that’s one you’ve chosen then then chips bounce from the stack and can be seen in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.


Another great roulette release from Microgaming. It is a step up on other releases and is really enjoyable to play. Definitely recommended.