Six Shooter Looter Gold


Six Shooter Looter Gold Review

We’re back in the Wild West and that cowboy is trying his hardest to get to the bank so he can get some money. Such was the success of the original Six Shooter Looter Gold game that Microgaming just had to come up with a sequel. This being the Gold version of the game we get some better graphics but it’s mainly the same game.

The aim of this game is still the same as we try to help the bank robber get to the bank. it’s a difficult task though because there are some Red Indians around and their arrows are primed and heading for his direction if he’s not careful. Look out for the train too as you make your way along the trail. There’s also a gorge to get past and when you do get near the bank someone tries to shoot you! The nearer you can get to that bank vault, the more you’ll win.

There are 48 stops that have to be traveled over in order to get to the bank vault. That’s a long and twisted path to travel and to make it even more difficult you only have eight moves to get there. Just how many moves you get on each turn isn’t decided by the roll of a dice as is often the case in games of this nature. Instead to fit in with the theme of the game we have a revolver cylinder to spin in order to determine the moves allocated.

As you go along the trail to the bank vault there’s some help and hazards that will make it an interesting journey for sure. If you land on a blank then this allows you to keep moving if there are available moves. The ones you want to land on are the prize sectors that have gold on them. These award you multipliers or gold coins so hugely welcome. Get past those and you are guaranteed a win from the game which will be calculated by using the multiplier to the stake you have chosen for the game. Just how much you win won’t be decided until the end of the game and that final multiplier that came into play.

There are a few differences here and they do add to the enjoyment of the game. If you land on a Buffalo Skull, a) you upset the buffalo and b) the Indian Princess will send up some smoke signals and that’s not good news for you. Why? Well you end up dying with a chest full of arrows!

A Wanted poster is much better news however. You go straight to the bank and win one of the jackpots which can be between 200x and 10000x your stake.

Playing the game costs from just £0.50 to £10, so simply work out a budget that you can afford and hope for some good luck. The top payout in the game is 25000x your stake.

Bonus Game

There’s no bonus game or progressive jackpot in this game.


An interesting game from Microgaming that will certainly have you trying to get all the way to the bank vault. The look of the game is a good one with everything from robbers on horse to red indians, teepees and of course that bank that is so hard to actually get to. It’s still an entertaining game to play and some good prizes to be won.