Slam Funk


Slam Funk Game Review

If you want a change from playing slot games all the time, why not try your luck on one of the scratchcard games that Microgaming have. They’re best known for the excellent slot games they release but this scratchcard game is just as entertaining and can be pretty profitable too.

‘Slam Funk’ has a basketball theme but there’s a touch of disco thrown in for good measure. That’s how ‘Slam Dunk’ becomes ‘Slam Funk.’ The look of the game is really cartoonish. On the left hand side of the screen we see the basketball players and a couple of cheerleaders. This doubles up as the paytable as written on each of the strange bunch of characters is the multiplier prize available if you get a winner. On the right hand side is the 3×3 grid of characters that will determine whether you’re going to be a winner or not.

This is a really colourful game and each of the players and cheerleaders have their own coloured background. To play the game you need to start off by choosing your stake. This starts off at just £0.50 and then goes up to £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £6, £7, £8, £9 and a maxi. Simply choose a level that you can afford to lose, cross your fingers, press the ‘New Card’ button and then hope for some good luck.

To get a win you simply need to do is click on each of the panels to reveal a character. Get three matching characters and you win whatever that character is worth, easy as that. You can do this one by one for a bit of excitement or just use the ‘Reveal All’ button and instantly find out if you’re a winner or not. I much prefer the bit by bit method, makes my money last longer.

There are some decent wins to be had in this game. They start off low at 1x for three of the player in the green, 2x for the guy in yellow, 4x for the cheerleader in blue who looks as if she needs to wash her hair and 10x for the blonde player in blue. The two symbols you really want to see in triplicate are the pretty blonde cheerleader who pays 50x and then the player in purple with a sweatband who looks like something out of the black and white minstrel show. If you can get three of his symbols in a game then that wins you 250x your stake so that could be as high as £2500 if playing at maximum stake.


A really colourful game that should definitely put a big smile on your face win or lose. The basketball and disco theme is a strange one but it just about works. It’s an easy game to play, go for the gradual reveal though to make it a lot more interesting to play. There are some good wins to be had here, I’ve never managed the 2500x top prize but there’s time yet isn’t there!