Space Evader Gold



Space Evader Gold Review

It’s probably one of your worst nightmares. There you are as an astronaut and you travel in space to far off planet. Then it all goes wrong and you somehow have to get safely back to your spaceship before disaster strikes. It’s actually an alien who’s trying to get back to their spaceship but I suppose they all have dreams too. The actual alien world that it is stuck on has plenty of rocks and plants and of course the spaceship looks just like a flying saucer.

Space Evader Gold is another great game from Microgaming and is a sequel to their popular Space Evader game. If you’re a bit bored playing one slot game after another then this game will be a bit of a break from what you’re used to.

Our plucky but in danger alien is of course green. One day you know aliens will arrive and green will be the last colour they are and they’ll laugh their heads off. Well, either that or get upset and blow Earth to pieces with some advanced weaponry. This alien is rather tiny with some red thing sticking out of its head, what looks like boxing gloves on its hands and big yellow eyes. Don’t laugh though because this little alien needs our help and can win you some good cash prizes.

So how do you play this game? Well basically it’s a board game and your aim is to roll the dice and see just how far you can get the alien along the path to its spaceship. Along the way you can win some cash prizes if the roll of the dice results in you ending up on the right space. Playing the game costs you between £0.50 and £10 and there’s a 1000x jackpot. Take a look at the paytable to see all the wins available and more information on how to play the game.

The alien begins his hopeful journey in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. His spaceship isn’t too far away but there’s a big ravine so it has to take the long way round to get to it. You have 47 spaces to travel but just eight rolls of the dice to get there.

The spaces have different symbols on them. The skull and crossbones is the one to avoid as that ends your game right away. The Green Teleporter is quite handy because if you land on the first of them you get taken to the second. The yellow numbers win you prizes based on the stake you have made for the game. When the game does end the last one you’ve passed is how much you win.

There are also continue spaces that give you another roll of the dice and a jump space that means you head to the next matching colour space. The Golden Crystal space is the one to really aim for. Land on that and it takes you straight to the spaceship. Now if you do get the alien home the you head for the Jackpot Spinner. The wheel has a selection of prizes and wherever it lands that is what you win.

Bonus Game

There’s no bonus game here but it’s still definitely worth playing.


A decent little game to play and I do find that these can be quite addictive as you keep trying to get further and further along. Definitely worth a play.