Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold


Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold Review

If you head into a casino then the blackjack table is always one of the most popular there. It’s a straightforward game to play of course and now there are lots of different versions of the game available to play online. ‘Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold’ is another release from top designers Microgaming and you’re going to love playing it.

There are different versions of Blackjack all over the world and this is the Spanish one. We’re in the EU so we might as well embrace this game which is becoming popular worldwide. That’s because it has a different way to get some enhanced payouts and that’s never a bad thing is it? The graphics in this game are the usual high standard that we’re used to with Microgaming. As the years go by they do just keep getting better and better.

So how does this differ from the game you’re used to playing? The major difference is that the deck of cards that is used for the game doesn’t have any ’10’ cards. There’s still the Jack, Queen and King cards though so one of those with an Ace (still one or 11) can get you that magical all-important score of 21.

When you play the game you are dealt two cards. Then the strategy comes into play as you decide whether the total of those two cards is good enough for you to ‘stand’ or whether you need another card, ‘hit.’ As long as you don’t go over 21 you have a chance of winning the game if you can do better than the dealer.

Another difference in this version of Blackjack is that you can double your bets. If you think that an extra card can help you it’s possible to double your stake and as a result double the payout if that extra card ends up giving you a winning hand.

Splitting your hands is also a possibility here. This does cost you a bit more in terms of your bet so be careful with your financial budget. It does give you a better chance of winning though if the poor old dealer suddenly finds themselves up against numerous hands.

The special bonus payout scheme is another key difference here and really helpful for those of you playing with a large stake. If you get 21 but use five cards to do so that pays 3 to 2, a six-card 21 pays 2 to 1 and seven or more pays 3 to 1 which you’ll need to calm your nerves!

For the full details of the game access the rules. That’s really important with any game but when it’s something a little bit different it’s even more vital. Have some free games too so you fully understand all the aspects of the game before playing for real.


An interesting version of the game. It’s always good to play something a little bit different and this fits into that category. The game has a good look to it, it’s entertaining to play and you can get some good wins from it, so definitely worth a play.