Sparks Slot Review

Right first things first, this isn’t a slot dedicated to those two American brothers who sang ‘This Town Isn’t Big Enough for the Both of Us.’ There’s no tall guy who looks a bit like Hitler in this great slot game from NetEnt who just can’t do anything wrong. Instead we have a game that has an electrical theme and is full of creative ideas, something we’ve grown used to with games from this company.

‘Sparks’ is a five-reel slot that has a total of three rows of symbols and 20 paylines. Those 20 paylines are fixed and playing this game costs between £0.20 and £400. Those are figures that will be agreeable to both those who want to play for fun and players who are prepared to stake high and win big.

Where this games starts being a bit different from others you’re used to playing is you have an important choice to make before spinning the reels. You can choose to either play the paylines in the usual left to right format or opt to play with right to left paylines too.

The high paying symbols in this game are a mixture of green, orange, blue and violet red and blue sparky shapes, one of which does look a bit rude to be honest. There’s also the ten to Ace playing card numbers that have been given a bit of a futuristic look.

The wild symbol is a glowing blue sphere that has a ‘W’ written on it. This can substitute for all the other symbols apart from the Expanding Cloning Wild symbol, that’s the big gold one with a ‘W’ on it.

Now you might be asking just what on earth is an Expanding Cloning Wild? Yes it sounds a bit like a 1950s B-Movie but these will actually help you win some great cash prizes. This only appears on the second and fourth reels, when it does make an appearance it can either expand upwards, downwards or both ways filling the entire reel. It’s possible though that it might actually not do any of this.

The symbol to the left of the wild suddenly gets replicated to what’s on the right of the wild. That means you’re guaranteed three matching symbols.

If the wilds appear in the same positions on the second and fourth reels after a spin, the same symbol is cloned to the third and fifth reels. That’s great news as it gives you a five of a kind win.

This is a fairly easy game to play but make sure you do have that good look through the paytable and enjoy some free games too. It’s also possible here to set an autoplay feature, this can be between ten and a thousand or you can choose to go for a more advanced setting.

Bonus Games

It’s the cloning wilds that are the bonus feature in this game. So if you’re looking for pick ’em games or free spins then sadly there aren’t any here.


An interesting game from NetEnt that has a different look to it and a few original ways of playing it. The expanding cloning wilds are the main feature, taking over from the usual kind of bonus games you’re used to. They can certainly win you some decent prizes if your luck is in.