Springo Game Review

When I was a kid playing all the slot machines in the amusement arcades during our annual holiday to a rain-splattered English seaside resort, my mother had other ideas. She headed straight for the bingo stall and mum absolutely loved it. I wonder what she’d make of all the online bingo games that we have nowadays?

Well, Springo isn’t strictly an online bingo game, it has a bit more to it than the usual fare of numbers being called out and pure luck deciding if you’re going to be a winner or not. This is a game that has two different games mixed together to create a whole new one.

On one hand we have the match three to get a win game and on the other we have bingo. It’s been a big hit online especially on Facebook. So how exactly do you play this game? The aim is to match up three or more bingo balls and by doing so that clears them from the screen. Doing that will earn you points and you aim to fill up the bingo card by releasing the numbered balls that can be seen at the bottom of the screen. It’s not expensive to play which is always good news and it has a bright and cheerful look to it.

There’s a bit of strategy involved here too because the player can use power-ups to maximise their chances of getting a win. Whereas the main skills in bingo are being able to keep up with all the numbers that are called as you try to keep track of multiple bingo cards (though my dad said staying awake was the hardest part of the game), there is skill required here.

You’ll be rewarded more If you are faster and able to spot patterns. Doing that will get those bingo balls disappearing and your chances of winning increase. There’s only three minutes’ time allowed so this really can become a race against the clock. I bet you never thought you’d be having to employ some logical thinking in a game related to bingo.

Games like this might not look as exciting as all the slot machines that we review but this does have a rather addictive feel to it. Once you start playing you’ll find It hard to stop and that’s always the sign of a good game.
Before you start playing the game for real, try to get some free games under your belt. Also read up as much as you can about the game, all ideal preparation and It’ll help get you some good wins hopefully.

Bonus Games

There’s no bonus game here but don’t let that put you off playing Springo. There’s still plenty of fun to be had here.


If you fancy a break away from all the slot games that you play, then having a go at Springo is a good idea. It’s entertaining, requires a bit of thought being put into it and can give you some good wins too.