Sunny Scoops


Sunny Scoops Slot Review

Here’s a game that really has a different look to it. For Sunny Scoops, the theme is ice-cream but this could also have a bit of marmite involved. Why? Well I reckon it’s going to be a game you either love or hate. This comes from Thunderkick Games who aren’t the largest of slots designers but do come out with some creative games.

I’ve been partial to the odd ice-cream and having them win me some tidy cash prizes definitely appeals to me. The game has three reels and there are a total of 14 paylines. Here’s where it looks a bit different, there’s no spinning reels here. We simply see the ice-cream symbols piled up on an ice-cream cone. When you press the Start button the current ice-cream symbols shift off to the right and are replaced by a new set hopefully full of winning combinations for you.

Playing the game costs you between £0.10 and £100 so there should be few problems finding a level you can comfortably play at. The game has a bright and cheerful look to it with a blue and white sky. The symbols include a variety of different flavours of ice-cream. These include chocolate chip, strawberry and lemon.

The game doesn’t include any wilds or scatter symbols so there’s no substituting of symbols to get wins here.

Bonus Games

The game features a two stage bonus game and it’s one that can be quite lucrative if your luck is in. With no wild symbols or any scatters you might be wondering just how the bonus game is going to be triggered. Well, what you need to is keep a close eye on the symbols. If you can get matching flavours of ice-cream on one of the reels, so that could be three scoops of delicious strawberry. Once that has been achieved you get to see a close-up of the ice-cream tower. A spinner now appears and this will decide a multiplier. This can be between 2x and 7x. However, if you get a food symbol then this will take you into the next stage of the bonus round and it’s free spins time.

You receive a total of ten free spins but there are more bonuses awaiting you. On the right hand side of the screen is the multiplier ladder which can really help get you some good wins. Each time you get a winning combination during the free spins round you go one place up the ladder and that gets you an additional free spin. However, if you get a losing spin then you go one place down the ladder. If you get four wins in a row you’ll find yourself moving up to a 4x multiplier and use just one of your free spins, get a losing spin and you drop down to a 3x multiplier.


This is certainly an interesting game to play. It has a very different look and the gameplay is a bit unorthodox too. No wilds, scatters or bonus symbols but there are still some good prizes to be won here. With it being a bit different, make sure you look through the paytable and have some free games.