The Lab


The Lab Slot Review

In my schooldays I always used to dread lessons that took place in the laboratory. I was a bit of a clumsy child you see so the prospect of carrying out experiments didn’t really do much for me apart from make me feel very nervous indeed. Thankfully, that’s not the experience I had when playing this slot game from Elk Studios.

Now Elk Studios might not be too familiar a name to you. They are based in Stockholm and if this is what they are capable of then they are another game designer worth following.

The look of the game sees a mixture of dark colours, it’s not that spectacular to be honest. Apprarently it’s a swirling vortex whatever that is when it’s out. Despite the title of the game, this isn’t one of those slot games that goes down the mad professor route for a bit of a laugh.

It does have a sci-fi theme though and it is a little bit different from a lot of the games that you will have played. This includes using different betting strategies to try and get even larger wins out of this game.
‘The Lab’ has five-reels, three rows of symbols and a total of 15 paylines. Those are fixed he so every spin of the reels will have all of them in action. With the paylines being fixed that means the cost of playing the game will be a bit more expensive than all those penny slot games out there. Playing costs you between £0.15 and £60.

The symbols in this game aren’t the most exciting you’ve ever seen. There are four sparkling minerals in purple, blue, pink and green. The other four are the element symbols with Oxygen, Water, Platinum and Gold but we just get the chemical symbols for them. I still have nightmares trying to learn all of those while apologising for the latest disaster I’d had during practical.

The Lab symbol is the wild in this game and can substitute for other symbols to get you wins. There’s probably some technical scientific title for this ability. There’s also a big X which is the bonus symbol. That’s really handy as it doubles the win you’ve just had.

Before you start playing this game, have a look through the paytable and have some free games. That’s even more important with this game as it can get a bit complex at times.

Bonus Games

To get some free spins you need to get the Lab symbol in the centre of the vortex on the second reel. Once that has been achieved two new reels appear on the left and the others slide to the right. More free spins can be earned if the +1 or +2 symbols appear on the first and second reels.

The game has a ‘Bet’ button and this gives you some betting strategies that will increase your chances of getting wins. Jumper can cause betting to double on each win all the way up to 10x of your original bet. The Leveller strategy increases two levels after you suffer five consecutive losses. Finally, there’s the Booster which sees betting go up one level up to 10x after each loss.


An interesting game for sure. It could do with a better look but there’s enough here to produce an exciting game that gives you some good winning opportunities.