Triangulation Game Review

Here’s a game that has been hugely successful in online casinos an it’s not really that surprising to see why. Each spin gives you a chance of winning several times and it certainly has a bit of an addictive flavour to it as you keep trying for that big win.

It’s a bit different from what you’re used to that is for sure. The look is an appealing one. So how is the game played? Well it’s all set inside a triangular playing area (no surprise there of course) with a total of 16 triangles. The task set you is to try and get corresponding triangles of different colours into that area. There are seven different colour triangles in this game. Playing costs between £0.01 and £50 and how much you can win is shown on the right hand side of the game.

You receive a payout if you can manage to get four or more matching adjacent triangles. When you do manage to get a win, the triangles that created that win for you are replaced by brand new ones and the battle to get more wins begins again.

Look out for the red triangle as that’s the wild in this game. It really is going to help get you some winning combinations as it has the ability to substitute for all the other triangles in this game. It is also possible to launch a chain of combinations that can multiple your wins in a single play and that’s never a bad thing.

Don’t be thinking this is going to be easy, it really does prove to be a bit difficult. Actually if I had some hair left I’d have torn it out by now! You know what they say though, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s what happens with this game, you just have to keep going until you get it right.

Bonus Game

If you can get three or more of the blue triangles anywhere in view on the grid then that’s great news. This awards you a win and also gets you into the Swap Out Bonus. So what’s this all about then? Your task is to pick some triangles that turn into wilds.

You can do this with three of them and with their ability to substitute for other triangles, the chances of you getting some wins are really increased. All the bonus wins that come your way are paid out and then the triangles are swapped just as in the main game.

Make sure that you have a good look through the game rules before you start pumping some real cash into this game. Experiencing some free games will also make it easier for you when playing for real and trying to win some cash.


If you’re looking for something a little bit different to play then this definitely fits the bill. It may look a simple game but can be devilishly difficult. The bonus game with its additional wild triangles can definitely supply you with some decent wins. So for a break away from the usual diet of slot games, this is one we can recommend.