TunzaMunni Game Review

If you’re looking for slot game that is really simple to play then you probably need to look no further than ‘Tunazmunni.’ Rather than relying on fancy gimmicks that try to make the game that little bit more different this is a simple game that provides its players with plenty of entertainment and lots of chances of getting some excellent wins. What more do you want?

If you’re used to playing five reel games that have a lot of paylines, this will be a bit of a break for you. This game has just the three reels and there is just one solitary payline. At least with that you know just where the payline is, with all those games that have lots of them you’re never quite sure where they are.

There’s a distinctly retro feel to this game. That isn’t a bad thing in my book and brings back lots of memories of the days when I used to be playing in amusement arcades rather than doing my homework. There’s no fruit symbols here though, instead we have the bar symbol dominating. There’s a single bar, double bar and triple bar along with red, white and blue 7’s symbols. In addition to that there’s a space symbol. No fancy themes here then which is ok unless you just love playing games that have symbols representing pandas, Egyptians and well, just about anything really.

You don’t have to choose a coin size in this game, so that’s one less decision to worry about. The only coin size is £0.05 and the decision you do have to make is to decide how many to play on each spin of the reels. Now this is an important moment because of the fact this game contains a progressive jackpot. Two words that make your heart beat that little bit faster but to win it you have to be playing at maximum bet. That’s a total of £0.25 so it really is well worth playing that amount. Just work your financial budget out and don’t bet anything you can’t afford to lose.

Three space symbols win you double your bet and if you can get any three bar symbols then again you’re a winner. It’s even better if you can manage to get three bars that just happen to be the same kind (single, double or triple bar). Three white 7’s is definitely something to keep an eye out for as that wins you 1,000 times your bet.

This isn’t the most complex of games but it’s still worth having a look through the paytable to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing.

Bonus Game

There’s no free spins or pick ’em games here but there is the progressive jackpot. This can reach a really high figure because every time someone plays this game it gets higher and higher. Just how high that jackpot is can be seen on the screen. Your dream is to get three 7’s in the order of white, red and blue.


A good little slot from Microgaming. It has that retro feel that always goes down well with me. It’s relatively cheap to play, easy to understand and the progressive jackpot is of course well worth winning. Definitely recommended.