Turtley Awesome


Turtley Awesome Game Review

You don’t have to be playing slot machines all the time you know. There are lots of other kinds of games out there including this one. ‘Turtley Awesome’ is a scratchard game that owes more than a fair bit to a certain cartoon strip/movie franchise not that it gets mentioned here.

‘Turtley Awesome’ is of course based on the phrase ‘Totally Awesome’ that certain turtles who like to do a bit of Oriental fighting tend to say. The screen image here is extremely bright and blue. There’s a golden looking beach and then twelve turtles who seem to have no problems at all keeping upright on a surfboard (I should be so lucky). In the distance there’s a tropical island with some palm trees.

Playing the game costs from just £0.50 all the way up to £10, a decent range that shouldn’t present you with any problems playing the game. Simply work out a financial budget and don’t spend anything you can’t afford to lose. All you have to do is decide your stake and then hit the New Card button.

The control buttons for the game are set on the beach. On the left, set on what looks like some driftwood is the stake button. More driftwood on the right which is the really important area as it shows how much you’ve won. In the middle is the Reveal All button (more about that in a moment) which is on a surfboard (perhaps the 13th turtle didn’t show up?).

Your job then is to choose nine of the 12 turtles in view. The turtles all have differing prize amounts and your wish is that you can match three of those prize amounts. If that’s what you do then you win that prize. If you want to you can click on the turtles themselves but there’s also the option where you can hit the Reveal All button. Doing so randomly selects your nine turtles rather than you choosing them yourselves.

There are some good wins to be had here. There are six different prize values in the game. These range from just 2x to 3x, 5x, 12x and 100x. Then there’s a massive jump up to the top prize which is 2500x your bet, so stake £10 and you’ll win £25,000. Not bad for correctly matching three matching totals on turtles!

Bonus Game

There’s no bonus game here but it’s still well worth playing as there are some good prizes on offer.


A straightforward enough game here but one that is still a good laugh to play. Perhaps the sight of 12 turtles going surfing makes me giggle, well it’s not something you see every day is it? It’s an easy game to play and there are some good prizes to be won, though from personal experience that 2500x win has yet to come my way, perhaps soon. Definitely recommended if you want to play something that won’t tax your brain too much and is a change from all those slot games.