Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold


Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold Game Review

There are many popular games online that offer you the chance to play blackjack. Microgaming have produced a fair share of them and here’s another one that really is entertaining to play.

Every casino, whether it be online or real, contains player after player who turn up and try their luck playing blackjack. I’ve been to a few casinos in my time and joined in the game. I also remember a distinctly dodgy game show on television called ‘Gambit’ based on blackjack and hosted by Fred Dineage. The nightmares aren’t as regular now though thankfully.

Having played blackjack in the casinos, I’ve always wondered if it can be the same when sitting in front of a computer and trying to win some cash. The atmosphere isn’t quite the same but it’s cheaper and no expensive taxi to pay for at the end of the night either.

The look of this game really is an attractive one and it can get you thinking that you’re in a casino playing for real. Of course this is real too so don’t use any finances you can’t afford to lose. For newbies to blackjack the idea is to get a better score than the dealer from the cards that are dealt to you. Playing the game costs you between £1 and £100, simply bet what you can afford to lose.

Playing the game is fairly straightforward. What is a bit different is the fact that you are allowed to play only one hand at a time.

The dealer has to hit all 16’s so that gives you a good chance of getting a big smile on your face. That’s always my reaction when the dealer goes and gets at least a six and goes bust, oh my heart does bleed for them. If the dealer ends up on 17 then they stand on that which is fine if you’ve got a higher score. Those rules include those hands that include an Ace (which counts as one or eleven in this game).

It’s possible to re-split, double on any two cards and Doubling Down After Split is also allowed. When the dealer has an Ace, the hole card gets checked after you have been given the chance to take out some insurance, that pays off at odds of 2/1.

In this version of the game you are allowed to play just the one hand at a time. If you’re not too experienced at playing blackjack then you are able to set the speed controls to slow. Then after a few games you can move up to medium and in time fast or fastest. Also there are some strategy charts available which are really helpful, especially if you are a new player.

There’s sound available if you want it, not irritating thankfully. If you do want to play without any sound at all then that’s possible. It’s also possible to get statistics that give details about how you’ve been playing.


Blackjack fans will really like this game. It has a great look to it and is really enjoyable. The strategy tips are really helpful and an entertaining time is guaranteed here.