Whack a Jackpot


Whack A Jackpot Scratchcard Game Review

What have moles done to deserve such treatment? OK they do make a right mess of your garden and golf greenkeepers might not be delighted at their actions either. Whacking them with a mallet is a bit extreme though, however by doing so in this scratchcard game from Microgaming it can win you some good prizes so let the whacking commence.

This is Microgaming’s version of the popular arcade game ‘Whac a Mole.’ Surely you must have had a go at that when you were a child. Well this is an entertaining version for sure and it’s good to see a scratchcard game that is a bit more interactive than some of them out there. Just scratching a square and hoping it gets you a win is ok but something a bit more adventurous is never a bad thing is it? In this game it retains the feeling of a scratchcard game but there’s no actual scratching here not even by the moles.

The look of the game will certainly put a smile on your face and that’s before you start winning some cash. The backdrop to the game has a pair of red curtains. In front we have a board that has 16 holes out of which pop the moles. Now these aren’t your normal moles as they happen to have mining helmets on, well it is a bit dark underground of course so they need all the help they can get. Then again they are about to get whacked on the head with a mallet so they’re not stupid are they? Perhaps it’s in their contract for doing the game.

The control buttons for the game are down the bottom of the screen. They allow you to set your stake (that’s the one on the left), the one on the right is where you hope large figures will be displayed as that shows you how much you’ve won. In the middle there is the ‘Reveal All’ button, more about that in a moment.

Playing the game costs you between £0.50 and £10, just work out a budget you can afford and enjoy playing the game. Now it’s time to start whacking those moles (RSPCA members look away now). When you whack one of the moles with a mallet either a prize multiplier or a strike is revealed. You need to match three of the same prize to get a win. Watch out for those strikes though because three of those mean it’s the end of the game. You can either choose your own holes or press that ‘Reveal All’ button and let the game do it for you. This instantly tells you whether you’re a winner or not. OK if you’re impatient or in a hurry but the slower choose your own method is much better.

There are 15 different prizes to be won in this game. They start at a 1x multiplier which just wins you back your stake. The win levels gradually increase and they get up to 100x, 250x, 500x, 1000x and then a big jump up to 5000x and a top prize of 10,000x.


This is a really enjoyable game to play. The animations when you whack those poor old moles (they won’t be too old at this rate) and the soundtrack is a great laugh. There’s some decent prizes to be won too so this is definitely recommended.