Wild Champions


Wild Champions Scratchcard Game Review

If you fancy playing a game that isn’t going to tax your brain then here’s one that’s been made for you. Rather than trying your luck on the slots, have a go on this scratchcard game from Microgaming who just keep on putting out one great game after another.

The Olympics are the pinnacle for any sportsperson but this game doesn’t deal with human players. Instead we have a bear, a giraffe, a snake, an elephant, a goat and a monkey. All have their own particular sporting abilities, for example the bear seems to be a champion pole vaulter. The elephant is perched towards the end of a diving board and I’m not too sure he is that keen on the task that lies ahead, perhaps he’ll make a trunk call and postpone. He better not though because these animal superstars are out to break some records and hopefully not their necks (if they have one that is).

The game has a really attractive look to it particularly if you like cartoons. On the left hand side you can see what each win will pay you if your luck is in. On the right hand side there’s a 3×3 grid of nine squares which features the different sporting animals.

Playing the game doesn’t require you having to study for a degree. Your hardest task is choosing your stake. The range goes from just £0.50 through to £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £6, £7, £8, £9 and the maximum stake is £10. Just choose a stake that you feel comfortable with. The game doesn’t take very long so you can find yourself spending a decent amount very quickly, just make sure you can afford to lose what you’re gambling.

Once you have worked out your stake, it’s time to press the New Card Button. Then you either just click on the squares or use the Reveal All button to let the game do it for you randomly.

To get a win here you simply need to get three matching symbols, it’s as easy as that. When you do manage to get a win an animation will play which adds a bit of fun to your celebrations.

There are some decent wins to be had here. If you get three bears then you win your stake back, three goats doubles your stake, three giraffes pays 4x your bet, three snakes 10x and then there’s a steep rise. Three elephants gets you 50x your stake but the big win is if you can get three monkeys which wins you 250x your stake. So if you’ve bet £10 on that winning game you win £2500.


This is an enjoyable game to play. Its look will definitely put a smile on your face and so will the wins you can get by playing this game. It’s certainly a decent break from playing all those slot games so give ‘Wild Champions’ a go and see just how much you can win. Definitely recommended for a good laugh.