Ingenuity Gaming Casinos

A Detailed Guide to Ingenuity Gaming Software

Ingenuity is a company which has grown considerably since its launch over a decade ago. It has developed from a small company with a small team, operating under a different name, to a recognisable brand in the industry. The modern day company provides solutions for a wide range of gambling operators and online casinos. The company has a strong profile in the industry and has further built upon this since their change in name and the formation of the company we see today


Ingenuity Gaming began in 2005 under different name and originally focusing on the development of games for land-based casinos. They are an Indian-based company who have maximised their location and the huge local talent pool to create a company which is not only pushing forward in the industry but also keen to stand out amongst the competition.

Until 2005 the company we know now as Ingenuity was a division of the much larger Ishir Infotech Company. As the continued to keep up with technology and innovation at the cutting edge of games design their software production focused moved from land-based games into the lottery, keno and table games markets. They took good advantage of the mobile revolution and tailored their games for optimal performance on desktop, tablet and other mobile devices.

The development of the standalone brand in 2012 allowed the talented team at the company to focus solely on games production and development.

Ingenuity Gaming Today

Today the company is a market leading provider of games for many different providers, with the land-based casinos still contributing to their portfolio but they also put significant resources into their mobile developments, with HTML5 and native app design and for regular online casinos where creating a content-rich experience is important for standing out amongst competitors. They employ a team which includes professionals in Java, Flash and other back of house systems to ensure the products they produce integrate easily with other gaming software platforms and can be enjoyed by a wider range of patrons.

This is a company who place great value on being seen and this is why they have already exhibited at ICE Totally Gaming in London, GIGse in San Francisco this year and are also attending both G2E in Las Vegas and EIG in Berlin, to continue pushing forward their innovative vision for their company and how it can be paired with many different types of gambling operator.

This is a company who have reinvented themselves in the last few years to great effect and they are speedily building their profile under their new name.