European Roulette Gold


European Roulette Gold Review

The ball spins round and round as you hold your breath hoping that it’s going to give you a winner. If you love playing roulette then there have certainly been some big changes in recent years. There’s no need to be going into the casinos or sitting in front of a machine in the bookies. Instead you can play in the luxury of your own home or even on the bus on your mobile.

‘European Roulette Gold’ is part of the Gold series from Microgaming. They are always a name to trust having supplied the gaming market with a whole host of great casino games for nearly two decades now. This European version of Roulette has 37 spots for you to choose from. That’s 0-36 but this game offers a little bit more to the player.

It’s always important for a game producer to try and come up with something that’s a little bit different. You can’t just have the same old game because it’s just not original is it? Try and come up with something unique and that changes the game a little bit in a good way.

That’s achieved in this game by the introduction of two additional bets, namely the Neighbour Bet and the Call Bet. So what are these then? The Neighbour bet has nothing to do with an Australian soap opera you’ll be glad to discover. Place a Straight Bet on a number together with its two adjacent numbers. With the Call Bet this involves covering several numbers. The maximum is nine and they must be neighbouring numbers and you have to be playing in the Expert mode.

Also available in this game is the Re-Bet option. This allows you to place the same bet in the next round, a bit like an autoplay in a slot game I guess. It cuts down on hassle anyway.

Actually operating the game isn’t too difficult at all. Down at the bottom of the screen are five chips, each of a different value – £1, £5, £10, £25 and £50. It’s up to you to place your chips so simply choose a level you are comfortably with. To make your choice all you have to do is click on the chip that you want to stake on the next spin.

As well as those new bets I’ve mentioned there are some more familiar ones that can be placed with them all going on a variety of numbers or different categories (odd/even, red/black).

All the odds can be found in the paytable with all the other rules. Obviously bets such as a Straight Bet will pay a lot more than one simply betting on whether the colour or odd/even.


Microgaming always seem to come up with the good and this is no exception. It looks fantastic and they’ve done their best to slightly change the way the game can be played. Definitely one to spend some time playing.