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Betfred is pretty much an institution in the world of online betting, and their reputation has stretched to the point where they are considered to be groundbreaking in the way they present online casino play. We thought we would take a look at the site in this Betfred casino review.

Their variety of games is pretty extensive, with games that are themed (The Sopranos, The Hulk) and games that are more original and based on general public tastes.

They bring a large number of games, mostly delivered through the Playtech engine. Whether you like Playech or not, it is successful, and responsible for fuelling the gaming happiness of many online casino outlets. The site was established way back in 2005 so it is settled in, and has a strong reputation.

It is important to remember also that Betfred are honourable with regards to claims about customer service. You can reach them pretty much any hour of the day by phone, and they generally deal with issues quickly. As part of our Betfred casino appraisal, we tested this, and found the staff to be very helpful and accommodating.

An established site, with some great options and fantastic customer service.

What Are Other Casino Players Reporting?

We would be remiss if we didn’t offer a true reflection of public opinion of the site as part of this Betfred casino assessment.

There have been a few issues that have arisen from punters not being able to withdraw money, but the fact that these incidents seem few and far between online means that we are pretty confident that these are just glitches in an otherwise happy set-up.

Some people out there feel that the site could give more in the way of bonuses. This is becoming a common issue among many sites in recent times, and we expect that Betfred will step up and deal with the matter soon. It is worth noting that people tend to leave sites quicker as regards loyalty if bonuses don’t start opening up after established play patterns.


Is it in a Safe Licensing Jurisdiction?

This site is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Software Used and the Number of Games Available

Playtech is the software that is used on the Bet Fred site. This platform is generally believed as being a powerful one, and one that offers a strong level of gameplay.

As part of our Betfred Casino review, we found that the site offers over 160 casino games from the browser. It also has progressive games that literally provide chances to win millions on the site. As to be expected, the progressives are particularly popular.

For this Betfred Casino review we feel it is a good site that offers a great playing experience. Withdrawal problems aside, the site seem to want to keep players involved and engaged. In the final analysis of Betfred Casino, we find it’s slick and attractive, and certainly a site we would, overall, recommend.

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